Protect the copyright on the pictures you publish on the internet



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If your work involves publishing professional photographs, or if you post personal pictures on the Internet, you might be wondering if someone is using them without your permission. Pixsy is a tool created to protect the photographers community by establishing copyrights on their pictures, so that you are notified when someone uploads them on the Internet.

Pixsy can import pictures from your portfolio, Flickr, and Photoshelter, and give them a copyright license completely for free. With just a click, all the pictures start having the mark of this platform, so you can find them anywhere on the Internet if they are not authorized by you.

The objective of this platform is to protect the copyright of your material, even allowing you to make a living from commissions for the use of your images. Pixsy works automatically, tracking down the images on the Internet and mediating between you and the person who is using your picture. It's that simple, and without any additional trouble.
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